Élise by Rancé 1795

ˮNapoleon’s younger sister Élise dared to defy him by going against his will and marrying the handsome Captain Baciocchi. As the Emperor loved her dearly, however, he soon forgave her, and while she was still very young she was given the title of Grand-duchess of Tuscany.
She lived an intense social life with frequent and long visits to Paris, where her radiant youth made her a star of the Imperial Court.
In 1809, Jean Rancé dedicated her a perfume with her name.

Today, Jeanne Sandra Rancé proposes the new fragrance Élise with a contemporary flavour: fresh and young, romantic and sensual. Cheerful and lively like Élise, characterised by the bracing touch of marine notes and Sicilian Mandarin, and the gentle, voluptuous and intensely feminine Neroli and Rose of Grasse. Bourbon Vanilla and Amber create an atmosphere of seduction, while romantic and passionate Patchouly and Musk add a touch of sensuality.ˮ                                                                                                                                                                        from the official site

The perfume was launched in 2012.

Olfactory Description:Fresh – Young – Romantic: Citrus Flowers, Rose, Amber and Vanilla

Head notes: Neroli, Mandarin, Marine notes

Heart notes:White Rose of Grasse, Eucalyptus

Base notes:Amber, Vanilla, Patchouli                                           from the official site

My review

Élise opens with mandarin orange and neroli. It is a sweet citrus opening. The sea notes are very weak on my skin and I feel them. After a while, the neroli is taking control, followed by eucalyptus. It is a union between those two. At this time the fragrance smells bitter, green and fresh. The bitterness of the neroli is softened by the rose and the astringent smell of eucalyptus. Eucalyptus has a minty, pine scent with a hint of honey, and this is how Élise smells. The minty facet gives a very refreshing  trace and the honey smashes the bitterness of the neroli. It is like a fight with no winner.

The dry down is balsamic and powdery with neroli, eucalyptus and patchouli. The lasting power is fantastic.

If you want a perfume with a gorgeous bottle, a touch with eucalyptus and a very good longevity, you should give Élise a try.

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