Girl of Now by Elie Saab

“As women around the world put their knowledge, talents and skills to work, the ELIE SAAB’s #GIRLOFNOW initiative is on a mission to celebrate those who have built successful stories and careers, inspiring generations of young achievers to follow in their footsteps.A mission to spread awareness around the accomplishments and learnings of these ambitious and driven women. A mission to empower the female youth to go further, reach higher, and perhaps become leaders of tomorrow.” from the official site

The perfume was created by Sophie Labbe and Dominique Ropion and was launched in 2017.

TOP NOTES: Pear, Mandarin, Roasted pistachio

MIDDLE NOTES: Orange blossom. Magnolia, almond

BASE NOTES: Patchouli, Tonka bean, Cashmeran, Almond milk


My review

I don’t see a girl from nowadays here. It is not like all other perfumes. It has a different approach. It is almond-minty and refreshing.

The opening is fruity and zesty with some traces of pistachios. Then, in a few minutes, the composition becomes refreshing and minty. Maybe the mixture of orange blossom and almond, the notes listed, result in a minty smell. I feel a minty odour with a touch of ginger. Like a cold shower in a hot summer day. The almond is there undoubtedly but it stays somewhere behind and appears from time to time to touch this sparkling composition with a sweet magic is very interesting how the perfume evolves on the skin.

Then, after a while, the almond takes control of the smell. It comes in front. The smells change between them.  Now I feel almond as the main smell while the minty odour goes somewhere backwards. This almond note stays until the end and becomes more and more sweet with a creamy facet.

The base is warm and sensual with tonka-patchouli-almond mixture.

Girl of Now is not a wow composition but it is bold in its own way. It does not respect the market requirements. It goes along with other perfumes but I think it will find the right girls for it.

Anyway, the bottle seems to be made today for today’s girls.

If you are a fan of Elie Saab perfumes and you like almond note in a composition, this is a try for you.

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