Hiris by Hermes

“A single-flower fragrance, poetic ode to the iris in all its guises.
From flower to scent, this is the refined and modern intention of Hiris, an utterly original single-flower creation devoted to the splendour of the iris and dedicated to women. A fragrance of emotion and subtlety conceived by Olivia Giacobetti, it is a novel that expresses the shifting charms – sometimes floral, sometimes powdery or vegetal – of one of nature’s olfactory marvels with infinite delicacy.” from the official site

Hiris was created by Olivia Giacobetti and was launched in 1999.

TOP NOTES: Coriander, Carnation, Iris, Amber

MIDDLE NOTES: Iris, Neroli, Rose

BASE NOTES: Honey, Vanilla, Cedar, Almond tree

My review

Iris is one of my favourite note in perfumes so I wanted to smell this fragrance.

Hiris opens with straight iris smell. After a while a sweet amber joins the composition but only to give a sweeter touch to the iris.

The heart of the perfume has a little neroli, which combined with iris gives a nicer facet to the fragrance.

The base is sweetened with honey and vanilla but is still about iris.

This is a nice and elegant EDT. It has poor projection and longevity, but is good and well-made. It could be your iris for summer when you want something nice and refreshing, not overwhelming and loud. So, what if you will have to spit more often, it is nice and you will get a very good vibe. It is a vivid and fresh floral.

If you like iris in perfumery, this one is a try. When you talk about fragrances which contain iris, Hiris always comes into conversation. Give it a try!

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