Oud Satin Mood by Maison Francis Kurkdjian

“OUD satin mood conveys the desire to bring a shimmering Orient to life. You’ll want to wrap it around you, lose yourself in the depth of the moment and suspend time.”  from the official site

The fragrance was created by Francis Kurkdjian and was launched in 2015.

NOTES – from the official site

Extrait de parfum:
Violet accord
Cinnamon from Ceylon
Damascena rose essence from Turkey
Centifolia rose absolute from Tunisia
Natural oud from Laos
Amber and vanilla accord

My review

My sample is an extrait de parfum.

The perfume opens with a geranium accord, a violet touch and a cinnamon trace. All these wonderful smells are linked together with a red bow soaked in oud. Later, the violet becomes more remarkable and the composition gets a bitter touch. All the sweetness from the opening begins to lose ground and gets a little bit puffy. The fragrance remains very sweet but is now more bearable. A jammy rose makes its presence felt more and more. It is its turn to fill the scene. The composition remains like that for quite a time. It stretches on the skin and conquer it with its sweetness. An endless sweetness that makes you think of childhood, sweets and cotton candy; no worries, no problems, just sugar. This is ‘oud satin mood’ for me.

By the end, when everything starts to get lost, notes of vanilla and amber appear. They give to the composition a creamy, sticky facet, as a candy filling. I wanted to eat it, not smell it.

Projection is good and longevity is above average. It remained an entire day on my skin.

So, if you like oud and you want to smell sweet, sweet, candy-sweet, try it.

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